SB12 Performance Path or ENERGY STAR® Compliance: A better home at a lower cost (it’s possible!) 

It is now possible to design, construct and warranty homes that are more energy efficient than the minimum building code (and homes that are more comfortable) and at less cost than prescriptive building code measures would dictate. There are now three ways of meeting and exceeding  the new energy efficiency levels within the 2017 SB-12 standards with each alternative providing more flexibility and cost effectiveness than the default (and often difficult) prescriptive path. The Building Knowledge Canada team has been working with numerous designers and builders across Ontario reducing the energy use of their home designs to meet new building code standards –and doing it at no extra cost! read more

And the cottage goes green, too

Think green homes are just trendy urban redevelopment projects? Think again.

Take one Ontario family’s new lakeside cottage, which achieved LEED for Homes Platinum certification. Although modestly sized (and not costly), the home utilized 30 new or different technologies and expert craftsmanship. The home itself doesn’t look space age, instead it utilizes reclaimed Ontario yellow brick to blend in with the heritage homes in the more