About Building Knowledge Canada

Our mission is to improve the performance, quality, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency of homes across Canada. Working with the industry since 1986, Building Knowledge Canada now serves over 150 home builders across Canada and in locations throughout the United States. Growing from a solid background in building science, energy efficiency consulting, and HVAC product support, Building Knowledge Canada has expanded its services to include:

  • energy efficiency design development, performance modeling and program certifications
  • building performance diagnostics
  • e-training and program development for residential industry partners (i.e. builders, manufacturers, utilities and trade contractors) addressing the latest sales & marketing techniques, building standards, and homeowner expectations & trends

An early proponent of energy efficient technologies, certifications, and standards, Building Knowledge Canada built on its expertise in the R-2000 energy efficient homes program helping builders and industry partners to easily achieve the high performance standard set by the Canadian programs. Today, as one of Canada’s largest Evaluators of ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and LEED® for New Homes, Building Knowledge Canada has helped builder clients achieve their desired building performance goals.

The Building Knowledge Canada team includes building science professionals, engineers, and  building performance experts. Our technicians have exceptional hands-on skill in identifying—and solving—problems in modern homes related to energy efficiency, heating/cooling, ventilation, and moisture control. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we can accurately measure airflows, pressures, temperature, and humidity. Then through experienced analysis, we uncover the root of problems and recommend cost-effective, reliable solutions.

What Matters Most; Our Values.

We VALUE our Team. We develop long lasting relationships within our company. We encourage professional development, kindness and mutual respect.

We VALUE our Business Relationships. We endeavour to build long term relationships with our clients that are based on honesty, trust, service and mutual respect.

We VALUE our Reputation. We take pride in being leaders in new building technologies, being easy to work with, and being a first-call resource for our clients.

We VALUE the World We Live In. All our services reduce the environmental footprint of buildings, and increase indoor health and comfort.

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