Building Science Spring Training Camp 2017 – An Amazing Success!

Wrap-Up – Advanced Building Science and Practical Application

The 2017 Spring Camp; Advanced Building Science and Practical application, took place on April 23 to April 25th at Hidden Valley Resort in Huntsville Ontario.

This year’s sold-out camp gave attendees three days of intense, back-to-back building science presentations, touching on topics from Net Zero Housing, insulating and designing highly insulated roof assemblies to marketing net zero housing and mechanical design for high performance buildings. Presenters, experts and panelist came from across North America such as Susanne Shelton, John Straube, Samuel Rashkin, Joe Lstiburek, Sonja Winkelman, Robin Sinha, Tex Mcleod, Steve Kemp and Building Knowledge’s own Gord Cooke and Andy Oding. read more