New Air Conditioning Opportunities

This article written by Gord Cooke which was Originally published in Mechanical Business, March 2015 is still relevant today!

When thinking about opportunities for professional HVAC contractors as our industry turns its attention to the upcoming air conditioning season, I took a quick look back at an article titled High Performance, Green Air Conditioning I wrote in April of 2008. As a fellow who always likes to think about change, I was struck by the number of changes that have occurred in our industry in those short 7 years that present great new win-win opportunities for contractors and homeowners. I am sure each reader will have their own list of specific product features that make new AC systems more efficient, quieter and more durable, but I want to outline more

Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Summer 2017 Building Knowledge Canada Newsletter has arrived! As always there’s a lot happening in the Canadian Building industry this season.

Find important information on ENERGY STAR® Enrollment deadlines, a project spotlight on a luxury Net Zero Ready community in Caledon, plus training & conference dates you won’t want to miss!
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ENERGY STAR® Enrollment Deadlines You Need To Know


The program has been a huge success due to your involvement and commitment from your teams.

We would like to ensure you can continue to build ENERGY STAR® standards cost effectively while staying above the Ontario Building Code energy efficiency changes. You mush ensure you enroll all your homes by August 31, 2017 to remain with the current ENERGY STAR® version 12.6 (12.7) standards. The homes enrolled by August 31, 2017 must be air tested and inspected by August 31, 2019 in order to label the homes.

There will be no extensions or deadlines. Those homes that are enrolled but due to unforeseen circumstances find they can not meet the deadline, must then meet the new ENERGY STAR® Version Ontario 17 to be labelled.

Contact us for assistance or to schedule a meeting to review the program changes and opportunities. Download the summary overview of what the packages may look like for a few targeted items. They focus on the following items, but are not limited to, drainwater heat recovery, air tightness, insulation, triple pane windows and if you are using combo heating.

If you have any further questions please contact us at 1-800-267-6830, we’d be happy to assist you.