Spring Training Camp Returns!

It’s that time again – time to revel in the sharing of knowledge and ideas at the third Spring Training Camp for Advanced Building Science and Practical Application! Hosts John Straube, Gord Cooke and Tex McLeod will discuss the themes of comfort (on Day 1) and walls (Day 2), along with an illustrious group of speakers, including:
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Putting Tightness to the Test

Constructing tight buildings is a requirement in an ever-increasing number of communities, including those that have adopted the 2012 or 2015 IECC as local code. Even where not required, it’s a good idea and it’s not as expensive as you might think. First, you must test your buildings and understand the metrics to know where you stand. Once you’re armed with this basic knowledge, you’ll be able to improve the training of your crews and subcontractors to optimize air leakage control in the homes you build. read more

Water, Water Everywhere: solving the secrets of trapped moisture in walls

It happens every spring. Every build and building inspector knows the script: the phone call comes about the basement leak, a visit to the home is arranged and the inspection takes place. The wet insulation is visible through the ‘plastic stuff’. The plastic stuff is known as the vapour barrier, and in some cases, the air barrier.

During the investigation no leaks are found anywhere. A perfectly installed air gap drainage membrane is present, weeps are fully connected to an active sump, AND there is even a capillary break placed between the footing and the foundation wall (you don’t see that every day!). read more