Refining Your HRV / ERV Choices

New year, new resolutions, new builds. If new HRV/ERV systems is on the top of your list, then this recap article by Gord Cooke, originally published Better Builder Article, Winter 2016, is a must read.

Please don’t blame me, but the new 2017 Ontario SB-12 Supplementary Standard for Energy Efficiency requires all Part 9 dwellings to meet the Principal Ventilation requirements with an HRV or ERV. Certainly I have been an advocate for proper balanced ventilation for over 30 years, but I think most readers will know that this specific new requirement is a natural progression. The requirement for mechanical ventilation first appeared in 1990. With recognition that ventilation without heat recovery can easily represent 15-20% of the annual energy loss of a home, it stands to reason there needs to be an energy efficiency requirement on ventilation in the same way as other house components such as furnaces, water heaters and even windows and walls are required to meet minimum energy efficiency more

Code and Performance Path

We’re almost one year into the new Ontario Building Code Supplementary Standard SB-12 Energy Efficiency requirements and this article by Gord Cooke which was originally published in Better Builder Article, October 2016 is a great summary of the trends emerging from the changes.

In my article for the last issue I mentioned that the draft of the Ontario Building Code Supplementary Standard SB-12 Energy Efficiency requirements for January 2017 had come out. Well in the ensuing weeks, the final version of SB-12 for 2017 has been made public and there are some compelling trends to discuss. First, the number of prescriptive packages is down reflecting the fact that it is getting tougher to find significant, cost effective incremental energy improvements through simple changes to insulation levels or mechanical equipment specifications. Second, there is a not so subtle mention of air tightness, with the supporting documents of SB-12 hinting that in future code iterations air tightness testing will be more

ENERGY STAR® Enrollment Deadlines You Need To Know


The program has been a huge success due to your involvement and commitment from your teams.

We would like to ensure you can continue to build ENERGY STAR® standards cost effectively while staying above the Ontario Building Code energy efficiency changes. You mush ensure you enroll all your homes by August 31, 2017 to remain with the current ENERGY STAR® version 12.6 (12.7) standards. The homes enrolled by August 31, 2017 must be air tested and inspected by August 31, 2019 in order to label the homes.

There will be no extensions or deadlines. Those homes that are enrolled but due to unforeseen circumstances find they can not meet the deadline, must then meet the new ENERGY STAR® Version Ontario 17 to be labelled.

Contact us for assistance or to schedule a meeting to review the program changes and opportunities. Download the summary overview of what the packages may look like for a few targeted items. They focus on the following items, but are not limited to, drainwater heat recovery, air tightness, insulation, triple pane windows and if you are using combo heating.

If you have any further questions please contact us at 1-800-267-6830, we’d be happy to assist you.