Radon and Opportunities for HVAC Contractors

In case you missed this article written by Gord Cooke which was originally published in Mechanical Business, December 2016, here it is again!

By now I’m sure many of you reading this have heard customers, clients, or even friends and neighbours mention the dreaded R-word… I’m also sure many of you have not. It’s remarkable how an issue so well-known and addressed in both the public sphere and in the building and housing industries in the US and Europe has taken so long to gain widespread attention here in Canada. Regardless, it’s here now and it’s only getting bigger. Radon is an important issue for homeowners and builders alike, and it presents some great potential opportunities for the HVAC contractor-in-the-know.read more

New Air Conditioning Opportunities

This article written by Gord Cooke which was Originally published in Mechanical Business, March 2015 is still relevant today!

When thinking about opportunities for professional HVAC contractors as our industry turns its attention to the upcoming air conditioning season, I took a quick look back at an article titled High Performance, Green Air Conditioning I wrote in April of 2008. As a fellow who always likes to think about change, I was struck by the number of changes that have occurred in our industry in those short 7 years that present great new win-win opportunities for contractors and homeowners. I am sure each reader will have their own list of specific product features that make new AC systems more efficient, quieter and more durable, but I want to outline five.read more

And the cottage goes green, too

Think green homes are just trendy urban redevelopment projects? Think again.

Take one Ontario family’s new lakeside cottage, which achieved LEED for Homes Platinum certification. Although modestly sized (and not costly), the home utilized 30 new or different technologies and expert craftsmanship. The home itself doesn’t look space age, instead it utilizes reclaimed Ontario yellow brick to blend in with the heritage homes in the neighbourhood.read more