The future is now for Net Zero homes

How would you feel if you found out your neighbour in your suburban housing development had a utility bill that was a tiny fraction of your monthly costs? That’s the comparison an increasing number of home buyers will be making as Net Zero homes pop up in communities across more

Net Zero is a reality in Guelph

With utility prices burdening many Canadian families, Net Zero homes are back in the news (as we see in this segment on CBC). Builders are being asked by government and consumers to demonstrate that their homes are energy efficient. And the leaders are going beyond this to construct Net Zero homes that produce as much energy as they more

Building Knowledge Canada helps set standard and labelling for Net Zero housing

Building Knowledge has been fortunate to be on the forefront of one of the most exciting movements in Canada’s residential energy efficiency market. As Chair of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Net Zero Energy (NZE) Housing Council, Andrew Oding (Senior Building Science Associate at BKC) sees clear and powerful changes coming to the industry over the next few more