ESNH Part 1: Advanced Building Science (Toronto) with Andy Oding @ BILD offices
Sep 26 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Advanced Building Science is your best, most cost-effective resource to get you, your staff and suppliers on the same page while moving into a new era of high-performance building. 

Join us for our 2017 ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Advanced Building Science builder workshop as industry expert Andy Oding of Building Knowledge examines key topics in the construction of high performance homes and provides a solid foundation for other ENERGY STAR® training.

Advanced Building Science is a highly-recommended pre-requisite for Part 2: ESNH 2017 Standard.

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ESNH Part 2: 2017 Standard Workshop (Toronto) @ BILD offices
Sep 27 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

The ENERGY STAR® for New Homes 2017 Standard is here, and after August 31, 2017, the only one you’ll be able to enroll to – so it’s time to get up to speed! 

This workshop is highly interactive and focuses on developing the builder’s ability to determine the best way to build an ENERGY STAR® 2017 qualified home.

What will you learn in this workshop:

  • The return on investment of ENERGY STAR® and how to build to the new Standard
  • Strategies to reduce call backs, improve building performance & achieve greater energy savings
  • Overcoming technical challenges and exploring opportunities for implementing new technologies

In order to understand the “house as a system” and how it applies to high-performance homes, this full-day workshop tackles the advanced topics in building science. It is a must-attend for design and construction professionals who are responsible for the construction of defect-free, energy efficient homes. Essential for all ENERGY STAR® training, this workshop covers key topics in construction of high performance homes.

For full event details please visit the EnerQuality site.

ESNH Part 3: Sales & Marketing (Kanata) with Andy Oding @ Best Western Kanata
Oct 3 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Don’t miss the ultimate sales & marketing training for high performance home builders

It’s a world where sales transactions take place rapidly, information is gleaned online at a blinding speed, and energy efficiency is not top-of-mind with consumers. So how do the qualities of an ENERGY STAR® home change the game for sales and marketing teams?

There’s no question an ENERGY STAR® home is more efficient, comfortable and reliable than one built to minimum building code standards. Industry expert Andy Oding tackles the challenge of how to successfully communicate this to purchasers.

Discover why thousands use the ENERGY STAR® training series to build better homes, gain a reputation as exceptional builders, increase customer satisfaction, and prevent post-construction call-backs and other deficiencies.

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