R2000 Net Zero Energy Pilot Technical Procedures

Wrighthaven Homes Ltd., The Solhaven

A Net Zero Energy home produces as much energy as it uses on an annual basis, depending on occupant behaviour. In terms of technology, materials and efficiency standards, the homes are built at least 15 years ahead of where the building industry is today.

Building Enclosure:

Air Barrier
Spray-in-place Foam + Interior Air Barrier
2×8 @24” o.c.
Ceiling | R60 Blown-in
Main Walls | R11 Exterior Foam + R42 2lb SPF
Foundation Walls | R12 2lb SPF + R20 Batt
Basement Slab | R12 2lb SPF
Windows and Doors
Golden Triples | R5+, <0.4 SHGC


Heating and Cooling
Daiken Skyair Air Source Heat Pump
Water Heating
Daiken Altherma Air Source Heat Pump
Venmar EKO 1.5 ERV

Renewable Energy:

Photovoltaic System
44 Panels | 250 W Polycrystalline Modules
Electrical Storage Capacity
Off-grid Capability | 3 day battery storage capacity