EnerGuide™ / My EnerGuide™

EnerGuide Rating System Evaluation Services

With rising utility costs, homeowners want to know their homes are well insulated, air tight, and have efficient mechanical and electrical systems. My EnerGuide™, an NRCan program, provides homeowners with verification that their home is constructed with a high quality envelope and an efficient mechanical system. Homes undertaking an EnerGuide™ evaluation by a certified energy evaluator receive a “My EnerGuide™” rating in gigajoules (GJ’s). This energy metric enables homeowners to forecast energy costs of their new home, make wise investments in energy upgrades and future proof their home against the rising cost of energy.

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As certified EnerGuide™ specialists, Building Knowledge Canada can provide EnerGuide™ evaluations, including:

  • a blower door test to measure air leakage and identify opportunities to increase air tightness
  • an assessment of existing insulation levels and enclosure details; windows, doors, etc.
  • identification of mechanical and electrical system efficiencies and forecast consumption of gas and electrical
  • a computer model to determine home performance both ‘as-built’ and 'as designed' - assuming recommended improvements are made
  • an EnerGuide™ for New Homes report detailing operating costs, greenhouse gas emissions and detailed performance metrics; electrical, gas, etc.
  • an estimate of annual energy consumption along with an EnerGuide™ for New Homes label, a recognized tool for home sales