Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Energy Homes & Building Compliance

One of the newest buzzwords in marketing in the homebuilding industry is Net Zero. Net Zero refers to a home that is capable of producing as much energy as it consumes.

With several community scale and single owner Net Zero Ready/Net Zero projects across Canada and the US, Building Knowledge Canada has quickly become a key industry partner for builders (custom and production) looking towards the future. Building knowledge has developed the services and tools to make Net Zero homes and communities simple, affordable, easily replicable and most importantly, understandable to the homeowner!

A leader in the Net Zero residential energy consulting field, Building Knowledge Canada is on the forefront of this revolution. As the Energy and Building science lead for several large scale Net Zero projects across Canada, Building Knowledge has developed the tools to walk clients through all stages of the process, including:

  • initial efficiency optimization exercise and builder benchmarking: cost optimization, ease-of-construction analysis
  • Net Zero Ready/Net Zero specification and scope development
  • in field verification, trade training and quality assurance inspections
  • sales and marketing development and training
  • owner and occupant consultation meeting: pre- and/or post-construction

For more information on Net Zero Energy Homes please visit the CHBA’s website, and to work with Building Knowledge on your Net Zero Energy Homes, call us at 519-658-6232 or use our contact form.

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As a trusted partner, Building Knowledge Canada has worked with homebuilder clients to recommend innovative mechanical products and effective strategies to achieve significant energy savings.

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