Air Tightness / Blower Door Testing & Building Diagnostic Services

Building Knowledge Canada’s primary mission is to improve the quality of homes. A large part of this includes inspecting, identifying, and recommending corrections for persistent home challenges. These problems can include under-performing heating/cooling, ventilation and ducting systems; drafts and leaky building envelopes; and excessive moisture related damage/indoor air quality issues.

Building Knowledge Canada’s building diagnostic investigations, which have been performed in thousands of North American homes, can include:

  • Building code compliance testing; NBC 9.36, OBC SB12
  • Building program verification and testing: ENERGY STAR®, R-2000, LEED® for Homes, HERS®, Net Zero
  • Residential and large building air-tightness testing and verification
  • Large building air tightness testing and verification
  • Air barrier integrity inspection
  • Air tightness benchmarking
  • HVAC on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Air duct testing
  • IECC insulation compliance inspection
  • Water management inspection
  • Thermal enclosure inspection/level 1 thermography