Meet The Team

Building Knowledge Canada is a leader in building performance strategies.

Building Knowledge Canada team members were instrumental in the development of numerous residential building industry standards. Because we actively participate on various building code committees and programs, our clients have an inside track on upcoming legislation, standards, and trends. Our participation includes prominent industry committees:

  • Ontario Homebuilders Technical Committee Chair 2011-2015 (Andrew Oding)
  • R-2000 Program Development Committee (Gord Cooke)
  • CaGBC LEED for Homes™ Technical Committee Chair 2008-2012 (Andrew Oding)
  • ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Advisory Committee and TAC Committee Chair 2012 (Andrew Oding)
  • Canadian Homebuilders Net Zero Council Chair (Andrew Oding)
  • CSA F280 -2012 Development and Committee Chair (Gord Cooke)
  • Ontario Building Code Part 9 2012 and Advisory Committee, Part 7, 3, and 12 Review Committees
  • LEED for Homes™/Version 4 Technical Review Committee

As industry leaders, Building Knowledge Canada has developed the tools to walk you through all stages of your building projects. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Gord Cooke


There are few professionals in Ontario that can match Gord Cooke’s broad knowledge of the inner workings of a house. Highly regarded in the Ontario homebuilding industry, Gord is a professional engineer, trainer, author, and industry consultant. For over 25 years, Gord has helped builders and HVAC contractors implement innovative technologies and build better homes. He is an effective and passionate educator and advocate for better building practices, improved indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

    Andrew Oding

    General Manager, Sr Building Science Associate

    With an extensive background as a builder for 20+ years Andrew brings an insightful and real-life practicality to building science principles and their in-field applications. As a recognized building science trainer by the government of Canada-Office of Energy Efficiency, Building Science Specialist (University of Toronto), and HVAC designer and commissioner, Andrew is working closely with the development of new building codes, advanced building programs (i.e. ENERGY STAR®, Net Zero, LEED for HomesTM, etc.) across North America.

      Rob Johnston

      Director, Technical Field Services

      Rob Johnston is a strong advocate for homebuilders when it comes to achieving and verifying the building performance necessary for a variety of energy efficiency certifications. Whether it is ENERGY STAR®, LEED, or Greenhouse, Rob’s understanding of home systems and technologies allows him to recommend the most cost-effective ways to achieve impressive results. For builders, Rob is their number one resource for ensuring their homes meet and exceed quality standards and efficiency goals.

        Angela Bustamante

        Director, Technical and Builder Administration Services

        Angela Bustamante combines the best aspects of Building Knowledge’s expert understanding of building systems with the hands-on knowledge of how to evaluate building performance and correct persistent problems. With both an Environmental Engineering Diploma and a Construction Engineer Technologist Degree, Angela delivers ventilation design, air testing, energy software simulations, and EcoEnergy audits.

          Kyle Anders

          Project Manager

          Kyle brings strong technical knowledge of building science and energy systems from past consulting experience with Mindscape Innovations, and from post-graduate research and student team involvement. This is complemented by his strong research and development background in the mechanical engineering and materials science field, which has provided him with well-honed skills in critical thinking and technical communication.

            Mehmet Ferdiner

            Energy Modeling Services

            Mehmet brings a tremendous amount of in-field experience working with builders and trades constructing ENERGY STAR® and Net Zero homes and buildings. Mehmet is also an engaging trainer providing builders, trades and building officials with technical and code training.

                Tammy Hirlehey

                Builder Services Administrator

                    Jason Che

                    CEA Energy Evaluator & Performance Modelling

                        Huso Ashimi

                        CEA Energy Evaluator

                            Josh Zubrickas

                            CEA Energy Evaluator

                                Alan Schmutz

                                CEA Energy Evaluator

                                    Ryan Hoeksma, B.ES

                                    CEA Energy Evaluator

                                        Chris Fleuelling

                                        Field Technician

                                            Mike Gilezan

                                            FIELD TECHNICIAN

                                                Kim Levert