Home Energy Energy Evaluation

The highly anticipated Mandatory Home Energy Labelling and Disclosure Act is a game changer in the Ontario residential market. The Act, which will help homebuyers and renovators make informed decisions, requires a home seller to provide a ‘label’ indicating the energy use of the home.

It is clear that those in the residential industry who include an energy expert as part of their team have a marketplace advantage. Building Knowledge staff are highly experienced and qualified Energy Advisors registered with Natural Resources Canada, and have the expertise required to ensure that homes are rated effectively to provide meaningful clarity of a home’s energy performance to residential professionals and homeowners alike.

We partner with realtors, home inspectors and renovators to deliver valuable packages of services to both single family home and multi-unit residential sellers. Building Knowledge assigns a label and, if desired, can suggest opportunities for affordable, simple energy saving retrofits so renovators can move forward with confidence. Using advanced energy modelling software, we can demonstrate that a home on the market is compliant with relevant legislation and that the seller achieves a favourable rating for their home.