Industry Incentives Program Compliance

Building Knowledge Canada has assisted builder clients in applying for numerous utility based incentive programs and can assist with many of them, including the following:

SB-10 & Energy Compliance Modeling

For fast, efficient approvals


With all new buildings over three storeys or 600m2 now required to meet Ontario’s SB-10 energy Code, developers are looking for the most time- and cost-effective way of proving their building designs are compliant. What is required is timely energy modelling services combined with a practical understanding of building construction methods and the Ontario Building Code. As an effective advocate for developers of buildings of any type and size (from multi-unit residential to offices), Building Knowledge ensures there are no hold ups in the approval process.

Our knowledge base is unparalleled, especially when combined with decades of practical, on-the-ground work with building professionals, contractors, and government agencies. Our practical experience and technical understanding means that Building Knowledge delivers consistent, industry-leading energy efficiency simulations that lead to the design of better buildings.

LEED® for Homes: Design & Construction

As one of the few qualified LEED® for Homes ‘Green Raters’ in Canada, Building Knowledge can produce computer energy models that not only support SB-10 compliance, but also are the basis of certification through LEED® and other green building rating systems. Find out more about how Building Knowledge supports developers of homes and multi-storey residential buildings in achieving LEED® for Homes.

Efficiency Incentive Applications

As the Ontario government focuses increasing attention on reducing building energy use, new efficiency incentives have emerged. Developers of new buildings can reap significant financial rewards through programmes such as IESO’s saveONenergy for High Performance New Construction (electricity) and Enbridge’s Savings by Design (natural gas).
Building Knowledge’s decades of expertise with computer energy modeling for a wide range of buildings ensures clients can effectively prove their designs’ energy savings for maximum incentive reward.

Are there utility based incentive programs in which you are interested? Work with us to cut through the confusion and get fast approvals. Contact us today.