Manufacturer & Utility Client Services

With the emergence of a strong and profitable market for new building products and technologies, comes a flood of new product claims guaranteeing everything from lower energy use to healthier air. Homebuilders are often lost when it comes to selecting the right product and manufacturer that will truly deliver the efficiency, comfort, health and reduced call-backs as promised.

The fundamental need for manufacturers to become real “partners” with builder clients is equally important. Successful and mature builder operations recognize that there is much more to this partnership than the old-school thought that firstly comes the cost relationship (bottom dollar wins). Mature, healthy partnerships bring TOTAL cost efficiencies to the builder through reducing service costs, optimizing installation costs, supporting consumer recognition and identifying other forms of wasted money in the field. Building Knowledge Canada has successfully supported and encouraged these partnerships between product manufacturers and builders since the early 1980s.

Building Knowledge Canada, as an established voice of solid building science and practicality to homebuilders, acts as an adviser to manufacturers of innovative building products. Working hand-in-hand with the manufacturers, Building Knowledge Canada identifies relevant markets for their products, researches potential applications, helps develop successful building–science-based marketing content and campaigns, and assists with on-site product application demonstration projects.

Building Knowledge Canada also presents informative talks, workshops, and seminars to both professional and lay audiences, on topics such as energy efficiency and the building code, building science in the field to sales and  marketing. Using decades of direct experience working with hundreds of north American builders and builder trade partners Building Knowledge Canada intimately knows the challenges faced by the entire builder staff and trades as they face a quickly changing landscape of client expectations, code and regulatory updates and home performance program upgrades.

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